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samphire coastal

Samphire Coast

Samphire Coast is a real-life heartfelt roller coaster at odds with an awesome and awe-inspiring renovation of an ancient tumbledown house, national calamities threatening ruination before a dream has hardly begun, dreaded hotel inspectors and errant guests from hell that will have you laughing and gasping at their blatant turgid audacity… Eye-opening anecdotes abound in this amusingly irresistible ‘Red Carpet’ foray into both the lighter and darker recesses of a unique British staycation.

“Just sometimes the grass is not always greener on the flipside…”

Hence: becoming ‘Domestic Gods’ is out of sheer (OCD) necessity - as Robert and Michael with the incongruous arrival of their (lucky mascot) dog, Barnaby, who has the disposition of an urbane sixties hippy - embark on their adventurous new lives in the hotel trade. And who knows they might be up for an award or two…

Robert Greenfield has penned a heady spellbinding narrative based on his dog-eared diaries that will have you crying out for a sequel and no doubt packing your books and heading for the breathtaking reaches of the North Norfolk coast - one of England’s last remaining wildlife paradises...

Download a sample chapter here.

Published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Ltd/Vanguard Imprint – out in 2011